12 Days of Disability Rights: The right to learn to work

This is part of our ‘12 Days of Disability Rights‘ series, a dozen challenges that DRO has stepped up to fight on behalf of our community and will continue pushing forward with your help.

Plan for Work is a project of Disability Rights Oregon. Our goal is to enable SSDI or SSI beneficiaries to make informed decisions about work and to support them in making a successful transition to greater financial independence.

Plan for Work continues to respond to increasing numbers of beneficiaries and those who support beneficiaries in their employment efforts. Working with high school transition-aged students and their families/caregivers has been a very rewarding experience as we watch these adolescents mature into young adults who are confident in striving towards their career goals, decreased dependence on Social Security cash benefits, and financial stability. Recently a Community Work Incentives Coordinator had a conversation with a high school transition teacher who had referred 5 students (and their families) from his Community Transition Program for benefits planning support. The referrals were received 2014–2015, and the students were either in their last year of school or would be exiting the public school system in 2 years. Of the 5 students referred, 4 students received individualized WIPA services.

All 4 students who did receive individualized WIPA services are continuing to be successfully employed and striving towards further career goals.

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