A heartfelt thank you

Photo of Bob wearing glasses smiling at the camera.Fighting for equality. For people with disabilities, the struggle seems to never end. And yet, while our private and public institutions continue to fall short, we must remember the progress that we, together, have made.

For decades, courageous people have spoken truth to power, attended rallies and marches, pushed for new laws, and demanded to be respected. Many have put their lives and safety on the line to achieve social justice.

Thanks to their efforts, we have gradually become a world that’s more inclusive, supportive, and aware that supporting people’s strengths strengthens us all.

There are still too many dark corners where civil rights aren’t upheld. But our movement works restlessly to expose them to the light of human justice. There are still too many people who would strip us of our precious gains. But, together, we can, and will, overcome.

Looking back at the advancements of past years, we at Disability Rights Oregon are in awe of the power and resolve of people with disabilities. Looking ahead to the battles before us, we are emboldened by and grateful for that power.

Bob Joondeph
Executive Director

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