Individual advocacy

Case Acceptance Guidelines:
  • To enforce or change the law to further our mission, DRO selects cases and issues that will help improve access and services for the disability communities we serve and that will help the most people
  • DRO’s focus for individual advocacy will be on providing callers with information and materials about their rights to help them advocate for themselves
  • Representation on Individual cases will be limited to available resources
Emphasis is placed on:
  • Legal issues that fall within the goals and priorities
  • Cases that will make positive changes for the community
  • Cases where a person is at risk of long-term harm
  • Services to minority, rural and other underserved communities
  • Information and materials for self-advocacy
  • Cases that do not have a reasonable likelihood of success based on the facts and the law
  • Cases where DRO staff members do not have the expertise and staff to provide representation
  • DRO does not provide representation in criminal cases
  • DRO does not provide help with family law matters


If  you are looking for help, go to our our “Get Help” page.


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