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Bob Joondeph is retiring, but the challenges facing our organization, Oregonians with disability, and our broader movement continue.

His vision and leadership propelled communities across the state to rethink how we set up our schools, workplaces, places of business, and public structures to ensure that people with disabilities truly belong. Because of these successes, we’ve inched closer toward ensuring that all Oregonians have the chance to build a life for themselves.

A Civil Rights Watchdog

You may have read or listened to recent media interviews that look back at Bob’s legacy (Willamette Week, OPB’s Think Out Loud). The Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities created a video in appreciation of Bob’s friendship and service to the disability community. You can also read this Q&A with Bob about his advocacy  journey on our website.

In the final weeks of the year, we’ll shine a light on major civil rights milestones from the last 30 years that have transformed the lives of thousands of Oregonians with disabilities.

Give to the Joondeph Advocacy Fund

You can help us build on the extraordinary progress made under Bob’s leadership. To honor Bob’s legacy, we’ve created the Joondeph Advocacy Fund. Gifts to the fund go toward the next big challenge facing Oregonians with disabilities. Your gift will help ensure that we have a lasting impact.

Donate to the Joondeph Advocacy Fund today.

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We know that Bob’s impact will endure. Together, we can build on our past successes in the fight for equality and fight for an even more promising future.

Thank you for your all that you do to support our work.