Governor’s Task Force makes TBI service recommendations

The Governor’s Task Force (GTF) on Traumatic Brain Injury, established in 2013 by Executive Order 13-02, has released its final Report on Findings and Recommendations.  Read more about the report’s 8 recommendations:

  1. Increase educational outreach
  2. Establish a TBI Clinical Registry
  3. Establish a centralized “road map” of services and resources
  4. Establish a statewide program of care coordinators
  5. Develop an equitable system of care and services
  6. Develop a communication system to improve coordination across agencies
  7. Establish sustainable, equitable funding mechanisms
  8. Establish the Governor’s Traumatic Brain Injury Coordinator and Advocate in the Office of the Governor

Read the report here: Governor’s Task Force on Traumatic Brain Injury: Executive Order No. 13-02, 2013: Report on findings and recommendations (August 2016)

The purpose of the GTF was to (1) identify the gaps in Oregon’s public-private sector system of services for individuals with brain injury; and (2) make policy recommendations to address these gaps. After analysis of the existing practices, a number of conclusions were reached by the GTF resulting in eight recommendations that will require crossagency collaboration, both across state agencies and between state agencies and private sector entities. The last of these recommendations, but potentially the most important, is establishing the position of the Governor’s Brain Injury (BI) Coordinator and Advocate. This position is deemed necessary by the GTF as an action to ensure that identified improvements to various services will actually happen.

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