Groups warn Senators AHCA will harm Oregonians with disabilities

Allison Barber with her husband on their wedding day. She's wearing a beautiful white and purple gown. He's wearing a suit with purple tie.

Allison Barber and her husband on their wedding day. Allison, a Disability Rights Oregon Board member, has spoken out against the AHCA.

Nine organizations in Oregon concerned about the interests and rights of people with disabilities sent a letter to Senators Wyden and Merkley.

The letter urges the Senators to oppose the American Health Care Act (AHCA), and points to the especially devastating impact the bill would have on people with disabilities.


The letter is signed by the following organizations in Oregon:


Read the letter. Letter to Senators Wyden-Merkley-June 13 2017

Excerpt: “Medicaid helps families stay together and enriches the lives of people with disabilities by allowing their greater connection, community, and purpose.”


Senate leaders are expected to bring the bill to the Senate floor the week of June 26 and schedule a vote just a few days later — without any hearings, and without giving most members any opportunity to review the legislation or make amendments.

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