Your child’s short school day story

boys seated in a classroom, one is raising his hand

Your child’s story might help us fight shortened school days. 

Hundreds or more children with disabilities across our state have been given shortened school days.

Earlier this year, we filed a federal class-action lawsuit to stop this practice and ensure every child has the opportunity to attend a full day of school.

If your child has experienced a shortened school day, her/his story might help our advocacy.

We’d like to hear from you if your child:

1.) has an IEP because of a disability that requires special education,

2.) was receiving a shortened day because of behavior problems over your objection during at least the last 2 months of the 2018-19 school year,  and

3.) is expected to begin the coming school year on a shortened school day.

Share your child’s story.

Share your story via this form or call us at 503-243-2081.

Unfortunately, we do not have capacity to individually respond, but the information is valuable to us.

Thanks for your help.

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