Helping veterans land a job

Veteran in uniform sitting at a desk with a laptop.

We owe our veterans a debt of gratitude for the sacrifices that they’ve made for our country.

One part of honoring our men and women in uniform is making sure that after they’ve completed their military service, the next chapter of their lives includes the chance to pursue another rewarding career.

We know that veterans often experience disabilities.

Roughly 20 percent of all veterans have a service-connected disability, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you’re a veteran who experiences a disability, here are two ways that you can access services to help you find a job and build a career:

Department of Veterans Affairs’ Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Service

Veterans can receive career, academic, or adjustment counseling services to help them find jobs through this federal program.

Oregon’s Vocational Rehabilitation Program

This state program helps Oregonians with disabilities who are having difficulty getting or keeping a job because of disability-related barriers. Oregon veterans who experience disabilities can access services through this program.

We help Oregonians seeking or receiving services from the Oregon’s Vocational Rehabilitation Office to communicate their needs, aspirations, and point of view to the employment counselors.

Some veterans may be eligible for services through both this state agency and the Veterans Administration.

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