Investigation and Monitoring

Disability Rights Oregon (DRO) can investigate abuse and neglect, and monitor facilities and programs that provide services to people who have disabilities.


As the federally-mandated Protection & Advocacy (P&A) service for Oregon, we have access to facilities to conduct investigations, provide information and training, and monitor compliance with rights and safety. Facilities can include hospitals, community living arrangements, board and care homes, juvenile detention facilities, jails, prisons, schools, and more.


We also have authority to access records, including intake, treatment and discharge records and reports. In the case of abuse, neglect or death, DRO can access records prepared by investigatory authorities.


Once we have conducted our own investigation, we can share the information with the client or appropriate enforcement agencies; prepare a public report that maintains individual confidentiality; pursue alternative remedies, including legal action; and report suspected abuse.


Read more details about our investigative authority: What is Disability Rights Oregon?



Reports from previous investigation efforts:

Behind the Eleventh Door: Solitary Confinement of Individuals with Mental Illness in Oregon’s State Penitentiary Behavioral Health Unit


A Review of the Mental Health Treatment, Restraint and Death of William James Owens in the Oregon Correctional System


An Investigation of Systemic Failure – A 5th-Grade special education student is tasered by police


Five Deaths at Dammasch Hospital-A Question of Responsibility-1993


The Incarceration of D.S. – An Investigative Report



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