Jails & Prisons: Multnomah County Jail

Jails & Prisons: Multnomah County jail 

Letter: Booking process needs a mental health filter (The Oregonian, June 11, 2018)

Op-ed: Reforms help people with mental illness, Commissioner Meieran, Sheriff Mike Reese (The Oregonian, 6/3/2018)

Editorial: Multnomah County making strides improving cruel conditions for mentally ill inmates (The Oregonian, 5/23/2018)

Interview with Sarah Radcliffe (XRAY in the Morning, 5/22/18)

Advocacy group finds improvements in Multnomah County’s downtown jail (The Oregonian, 5/10/2018)

New Report Finds Some Improvement in Multnomah County Jail Conditions for Inmates with Mental Illness (Willamette Week, 5/10/2018)

Conditions improve for Multnomah inmates with mental illness (OPB News, 5/10/2018), picked up by the Lund Report

Letter: Keeping those with mental illness out of jail (The Oregonian, 6/15/2017)

Reports find mental health services lacking at Multnomah County detention facilities (KPTV News, 3/27/2017)

Report finds harrowing conditions for mentally ill in Multnomah County jail (The Skanner, 3/23/2017)

Op-ed, Sarah Radcliffe: Jail is no place for the mentally ill (The Portland Tribune, 3/17/2017)

Editorial: Time to focus on mentally ill at Multnomah County Detention Center (The Oregonian, 3/05/2017)

Isolation, deprivation, violence: Life in the county jail for mentally ill (The Oregonian, 3/01/2017), picked up by Roseburg News-Review