Jails & Prisons: Youth Detention

County moves to keep same NORCOR funding (Hood River News, 417/2018)

Oregon Human Rights Organizations Request Statewide Oversight Of Juvenile Detention (OPEN Minds, 4/15/2018)

HR County may ditch juvenile jail; Budget shortfalls prompts talk of reducing ‘subsidy’ for jail (Dalles Chronicle, 3/19/2018)

Audit looks at juvenile detention (Dalles Chronicle, 3/06/2018)

Oregon groups call for state oversight of juvenile justice facilities (OPB News 3/1/2018), picked up by Jefferson Public Radio

Advocates urge state to take action on juvenile jails (East Oregonian, 02/27/2018)

Advocates, ACLU push for independent oversight of juvenile jails (The Oregonian, 02/27/2018)

Kids at NORCOR regional jail (KBOO’s Prison Pipeline, 02/05/2018)

County backs NORCOR, calls for change (Hood River News, 12/20/2017)

Wasco using juvenile detention (Dalles Chronicle, 12/20/2017)

Editorial: The Dalles Chronicle, Time to review juvenile jail powers (12/16/2017)

NORCOR Juvenile Center Says Reports Of ‘Psychological Harm’ Are Exaggerated (OPB News, 12/15/2017)

Changes seen at juvenile jail facility
(Dalles Chronicle, 12/14/2017)

Report author explains response to input provided by jail (Dalles Chronicle, 12/14/2017)

Letter to the Editor: NORCOR stories a reminder of need to protect children (East Oregonian, 12/14/2017)

Kids jailed and neglected at NORCOR (KBOO Community Radio, News in Depth, 12/12/2017)

HR County joins response on facility (Hood River News, 12/12/2017)

Wasco County backs juvenile detention facility (Dalles Chronicle, 12/9/2017)

Wright: What to publish, what to cut (East Oregonian, 12/8/2017)

Wattenburger: Why NORCOR was worth our time (East Oregonian, 12/8/2017)

Umatilla County will stop sending juvenile detainees to NORCOR until ‘complaints evaluated’ (East Oregonian, 12/8/2017)

Commissioners want panel to run youth jail in The Dalles (AP, 12/8/2017)

Wasco County calls for investigation into NORCOR (East Oregonian, 12/8/2017)

Scathing report faults jail (The Dalles, Chronicle, 12/8/2017)

Report prompts change at NORCOR jail (Think Out Loud, OPB News, 12/8/2017)

Wasco stops sending children to NORCOR jail (OPB News, 12/072017)

Report: Juvenile detention center in The Dalles inhumane (Associated Press, 12/06/2017), picked up by The Register-Guard, Bend Bulletin

Conditions Are “Inhumane” for Kids at a Jail in The Dalles, a New Report Says (Portland Mercury, 12/06/2017)

Juvenile jail accused in inhumane methods (East Oregonian, 12/05/2017)

Regional juvenile jail in The Dalles blasted as ‘inhumane’ in new report (The Oregonian, 12/05/2017)

NORCOR administrator rejects claims that juvenile inmates are treated inhumanely (KPTV News, 12/05/2017)

Investigation of NORCOR Juvenile Jail Finds Children Held in Conditions “Harsher and More Restrictive” Than Adult Jail (Willamette Week, 12/05/2017)

Kids treated inhumanely at detention facility in The Dalles, report says (KGW News, 12/05/2017)

Report Describes ‘Psychologically Harmful Conditions’ For Kids At NORCOR Juvenile Detention Center (OPB News, 12/05/2017)