Legislative Session Testimony

During the legislative session, we fight hard for bills that will improve the lives of Oregonians with disabilities. Many of these bills are in our legislative priorities.

But we also track many more. Below is some of the testimony that we’ve submitted during the 2019 session.


SB 376: Senate testimony, House testimony

SB 683

Supported Decision-Making

SB 681 

Parental Rights

SB 492

Limiting Use of Police Canines in Jails

SB 495

Community Mental Health

HB 2215 

SB 167 

District Attorneys/Mental Health

HB 3224

Youth Suicide Prevention

SB 52


SB 608

Rideshare Companies

SB 3023 + 3379

Investigating Abuse in School Settings

SB 155

Gas Stations

SB 176

Using “intellectual disabilities” terminology

HB 2406

Using the term “sexual orientation”

HB 2589

MacLaren Mental Health

SB 5541

Peer-Run Mental Health Centers

HB 2831

Aid & Assist Reform

SB 378 

Other bills

SB 19

HB 3022

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