Occasionally, Disability Rights Oregon (DRO) will engage in litigation to protect the rights of Oregonians under applicable federal and state laws. Our work is driven by our case acceptance criteria, and litigation is undertaken when we believe it will cause substantial, systemic changes that will improve access and services for many people.

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Safe Street Crossings: Martha's story

Safe Street Crossings: Martha’s story

Springfield resident Martha Mae Bryson has been a political activist for decades. Previously, she formed the Long Beach Homeless Union and the Texas Welfare Rights Association, and has been a presenter at conferences on hunger issues and the effects of homelessness on children.  Most recently, she has worked to get medically fragile homeless people housed… Continue Reading Safe Street Crossings: Martha’s story

FAQs: Making Street Crossings Safer

Curb Ramps How many locations throughout the state have curb ramps that don’t comply with the ADA? To get an up-to-date number of substandard curb ramps, ODOT is undertaking a statewide survey that will be completed by December 31, 2017. Each location may have more than one curb ramp. According to a 2008 survey, approximately… Continue Reading FAQs: Making Street Crossings Safer