Save Medicaid

Luke Sang waves to the camera beside a friend.

Luke Sang with a friend.

News reports are saying that a revised bill — with the same devastating cuts to Medicaid — is in the works. The new bill could also weaken or eliminate pre-existing condition protections and essential health benefits.

We want to push back on any efforts to dismantle Medicaid or basic protections of the Affordable Care Act.

Take Action 

  1. Share your story about the services you need.
  2. Contact your federal representatives.
  3. Spread the word on social media.

Share your story

Stories can help people step into your shoes and truly see what these cuts will mean for people’s lives. Add your name here and we’ll reach out to you to learn more.

We received an outpouring of stories from families with loved ones living with a disability who rely on Medicaid (the Oregon Health Plan). You can share them across your networks.

Contact Congress

Sample points:

  • I live in your district
  • I am a person with a disability or I am a family member of someone with a disability or I am a professional in the disability field.
  • Do not restructure or cut Medicaid because it threatens my health, safety and life.
  • Medicaid helps me/my family member to have the health care and community based services that I need.

Would you like assistance in learning how to get engaged?

Learn more from the Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s Civic Engagement Toolbox For Self-Advocates.


Sample messages below. When you tweet, try to use these hashtags: #ProtectMedicaid #SaveMedicaid

  • Medicaid’s community-based services open up the world to people with disabilities. #Protect Medicaid.
  • Medicaid provides lifesaving health care for people with disabilities.  #ProtectMedicaid
Photo description: An older woman leans in close to a man who is smiling and lying in bed. He has medical assistive device attached to his chest with several tubes running from it.

Donald Anderson with his mother Tami Sears.

Key messages

People with disabilities have fought for the right to live in the community. Medicaid now helps achieve that right by providing access to services that allow people with disabilities to participate fully in community life.

Medicaid provides access to:

  • Home and community-based services and supports
  • Personal care, mental health, prescription drugs and rehabilitative services
  • More community supports and less institutionalization


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