Meet Captain Louis Belluomini, combat veteran and paramedic

Captain Louis Belluomini kneeling in the back of an ambulance with his service dog beside him smiling at the camera.

Captain Louis Belluomini and his service dog. Photo credit: Toledo Blade

We wanted to share this great story from the Northwest ADA Center in Idaho.

The center profiled Captain Louis Belluomini — a paramedic, combat veteran and person who relies on a service animal to manage his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) symptoms. His service dog Star is his reasonable accommodation in his paramedic job with Putnam County EMS in Ottawa, Ohio.

My service dog, Star, is my treatment, she controls my PTSD in my work environment and everyday life. She is my medicine, when actual medication did not work! – Captain Louis Belluomini

Captain Louis Belluomini sitting in the back of an ambulance with his service dog.

Photo Credit: NW ADA Center – Idaho


Louis and his wife are available to do trainings on PTSD and service dogs as an accommodation.

Training topics include:

“• signs and symptoms of a combat veteran experiencing PTSD

• common symptoms of PTSD to watch out for in family, patients and coworkers

• steps to act quickly to get a person help

• information on how a person can manage their PTSD with a service dog and other treatment options”

More Info

For more information about the trainings Louis and his wife offer, you can contact:

Dana Gover, MPA, ADAC
ADA Specialist in Training & Technical Assistance Consultation

Northwest ADA Center-Idaho

Phone: voice and text 208-841-9422
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