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Kids’ Access to Hearing Services

Bill requiring insurance cover hearing aids awaits signature (OPB News, 2/28/2018)

Access to public education

New Franklin high-needs classrooms already outdated (KOIN News, 1/02/2018)

New classrooms for high-needs Franklin students already seen as outdated and inadequate (Portland Tribune, 1/02/18)

Mental Health

A prescription for therapeutic justice, (Lund Report, 3/19/2018)

Absence of community oversight of Portland police reforms extends beyond one year (The Oregonian, 2/22/2018)


Disabled Springfield veteran sues VA over plan to cut home care (The Oregonian, 1/25/18)

Air Force veteran with ALS may be forced to leave home as care is reduce (KVAL News & KMTR News, 1/11/18)


Mental Health

DA: No criminal charges for use of K9 on jail inmate (Columbia County Spotlight, 3/02/2018); Viral video: Sheriff explains K9 attack on jail inmate (The Chronicle, 12/13/2017)

State’s psychiatric hospitals still without chief (The Register-Guard, 11/28/17)

Multnomah County’s Jail is a devastating place for people with mental illnesAs (Portland Mercury, 11/22/17)

Loved ones of mentally ill concerned with civil commitments (Mail Tribune, 11/13/2017, picked up by AP)

Letter to Editor: Addressing disparities in jail system (The Oregonian, 10/10/2017)

State’s biggest youth prison gets $52 million upgrade, including new ‘cottages’ (The Oregonian, 09/22/2017)

CAGED: Inmates raise red flags about Oregon’s solitary confinement (Street Roots, 08/25/2017)

Community members blast mayor’s idea for new community police engagement commission (The Oregonian, 08/04/2017

Mental health breakdown: Battle rages on over Wilsonville psychiatric hospital(Portland Business Journal, 07/20/2017)

Oregon’s mental hospital is being flooded with criminal defendants (Portland Mercury, 07/19/2017)

Multnomah County homeless count reveals nearly 3 in 4 unhoused report disabilities (Lund Report, 06/21/2017)

Keeping guns out of psychiatric emergency clinics

Jails & Prisons: Oregon State Penitentiary

Access to Public Education

PPS says Pioneer plan always included site for high-needs kids (Portland Tribune, 12/07/17)

Letter: All children deserve chance to learn, (The Register-Guard, 11/29/17)

Op-ed: Oregon fails rural schools who need help teaching children with disabilities (The Oregonian, 11/26/17)

When the neediest students get the fewest school hours (The Oregonian, 09/17/2017)

Civil rights

Letter: Don’t tear families apart (The Oregonian, 07/23/2017)

IQ costs Oregon parents their kids, but is that fair (The Oregonian, 07/18/2017)

Op-ed: The many parallels in our struggle for civil rights (The Oregonian, 06/18/2017)


Portland Art Museum will try again to get approval for Rothko Pavilion (The Oregonian, 12/05/2017)

Service dogs v. fakes: 5 things you need to know (KGW News, 11/13/17)

Letter: A park accessible to all (The Oregonian, 11/13/17)

Making Street Crossing Safer: Settlement with ODOT 

Equal pay

Oregon’s new equal pay law.

Stopping abuse & neglect

School policies must protect students (The Oregonian, 11/3/17)

Tigard police arrest school bus driver accused of sexually abusing special needs student (KPTV News, 05/04/2017)

Voting rights

Op-ed: Democracy works best when everyone is involved (Statesman Journal, 05/03/2017)



Man in motorized wheelchair gets DUII conviction thrown out (The Oregonian, 12/29/2016)

Brown right in closing JC hospital (The Register-Guard, 12/19/2016)

Marion Commissioner nominated for State Hospital board (Statesman Journal, 11/23/2016)

Report: Solitary confinement used too much in Oregon prisons (Statesman Journal, 11/21/2016)

Bend housing crisis extreme for the disabled (Bend Bulletin, 11/04/2016)

Measure 97 letter to senior living residents (KOBI, 10/26/2016)

Senior Care Company Investigated After Urging Residents To Vote No On Measure 97 (KOPB, 10/24/16)

Two groups that serve as watchdogs over senior care, the state’s Long Term Care Ombudsman and Disability Rights Oregon, notified the Secretary of State about the letter sent by Brookdale Senior Living. The watchdog groups said Brookdale might have violated a state law against exerting undue influence over how a person votes.

People with disabilities excited about self-lacing shoes (KGW, 10/05/16)

Oregon voter registration deadline 3 weeks away; State offering alternative ways to cast your ballot (KOIN, 09/27/16)