Disability Rights Oregon (DRO) advocates for legislation and public policy that will protect and increase the independence, safety, and integration of people who have disabilities. This includes:


  • lobbying during Oregon’s legislative sessions to ensure that new laws support these goals
  • working closely with Oregon’s state administrative agencies to pursue remedies or approaches that protect the rights of eligible people with disabilities
  • serving on Advisory Committees for public agencies to improve policies and procedures
  • partnering with other community groups to increase safety and supports for people with disabilities



DRO then drafted a bill for the 2011 legislative session to regulate the use of seclusion and restraint to prevent violence before it happened, require parental notification of incidents and provide a mechanism for complaint resolution.  The bill was sponsored by Representative Gelser, Senator Edwards and six other legislators.  On August 2, 2011, Governor Kitzhaber… Continue Reading THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT Continue Reading THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT