Redevelopment project should deliver housing & economic opportunities for people with disabilities

aerial view of downtown Portland redevelopment area

Help shape the Broadway Corridor project’s community benefits

What’s one of the biggest opportunities for the City of Portland to take strides toward becoming a community where people with disabilities feel like they belong?

The Broadway Corridor redevelopment project

This major economic redevelopment undertaking spans 34 acres of land in the heart of Portland, connecting Old Town Chinatown, the Pearl District, Union Station, the Pacific Northwest College of Art, and the U.S. Post Office.

As a member of the Healthy Communities Coalition (HCC), we’ve been advocating to ensure this redevelopment project delivers on:

  • Accessible housing units that are lived in by people with disabilities
  • Community jobs for workers with disabilities 
  • Fair opportunities for disability-owned businesses to compete with other small businesses.

Key disability-related issues

We’re advocating for benefits from this project to include key provisions to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Jobs for people with disabilities 

To ensure Oregonians with disabilities have a fair shot at job opportunities that flow from this project, we are urging the project to:

  • Establish hiring standards that take into account the needs of workers with disabilities;
  • Require employers to confirm their rate of hiring for both apprentice- and journey-level positions;
  • Promote employer disability competency training.

Expand opportunities for disability-owned businesses

This project represents an enormous economic opportunity for business owners who are hired as subcontractors. Disability-owned businesses shouldn’t miss out. We’re advocating for the city to create a designation for “disability-owned” businesses.

Accessible housing units that are lived in by people with disabilities

We’re advocating for the Broadway Corridor project to not only include accessible housing, but to take meaningful steps to ensure that accessible apartments within this development are actually lived in by people with disabilities.

You can read the letter we sent to Prosper Portland (March 22, 2019) outlining our concerns.


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