Disability Rights Oregon provides information, referral, and advocacy services for Oregonians who are having a disability-related legal problem related to employment and licensing for employment.  We can provide assistance to people requiring reasonable accommodations to maintain their jobs; we do not handle failure to hire or termination cases.


We also administer Oregon’s Client Assistance Program (CAP), which helps people who are having difficulty seeking or receiving vocational rehabilitation services from Oregon’s Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (OVRS), Independent Living (IL) centers, Oregon’s Commission for the Blind, and tribal programs. Read more about our CAP program here.



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 Our latest stories about employment:

A Strong, Inclusive Workforce Equals Economic Success

One of the areas that Managing Attorney Ted Wenk focuses on is employment. He also serves as Chairperson of the Oregon Disabilities Commission. Below, Ted shares an update on the progress toward giving more people with disabilities the opportunity to work and gain economic self-sufficiency: People with disabilities are key to building a strong, inclusive workforce that… Continue Reading A Strong, Inclusive Workforce Equals Economic Success