Disability Rights Oregon works to protect individuals against guardianships where there is abuse or neglect.  In addition, DRO can intervene when a respondent or protected person’s civil rights are being violated due to the guardianship. DRO receives pleadings in guardianship and conservatorship, which we review to ensure that the civil rights of the respondent/ protected person are being upheld.



Sterilization of Individuals

Our latest stories about guardianship:

Enhancing self-determination through alternatives to guardianship

This article originally appeared in the Oregon State Bar Elder Law Newsletter, April 2017 edition. Enhancing self-determination in less-restrictive alternatives to guardianship By Jan E. Friedman, Disability Rights Oregon Attorney, and Stephen Peters, Disability Rights Oregon Rights Advocate Jan E. Friedman has been an attorney with Disability Rights Oregon since 1999; she currently heads up… Continue Reading Enhancing self-determination through alternatives to guardianship

Legislative Update, week six

What is a legal guardian?  Well, it’s someone who’s been appointed by a judge to make important decisions for a person who is considered unable to make those decisions for them self.  The practice of appointing guardians goes way back to Roman times.  Early English courts adopted it and eventually passed it on to the American colonies with… Continue Reading Legislative Update, week six

Legislative Update, week four

“Words matter.”  Just look at the front wall of the Capitol building where the words pictured above are carved. Inside the building, everyone who testified on SB 64 in the Senate Judiciary agreed that words matter. We did not agree on whether the words in the bill should pass.  SB 64 would change the term “mental… Continue Reading Legislative Update, week four