TriMet updates rules on companion or emotional support animals

Today TriMet issued new rules concerning companion or emotional support animals, not to be confused with service animals.

Read more on Trimet’s blog:

For the safety of our riders, we’ve revised our definition of a service animal. Effective today, pets that provide emotional support or companionship (“companion” or “comfort” animals) are no longer considered service animals and will have to ride in a closed carrier. Only guide dogs, signal dogs or other animals trained to perform tasks for a person with a disability will be allowed on board outside of a carrier.

So how can operators tell if an animal is really a service animal? Operators can ask, “Is that a service animal?” and “What service is your animal trained to perform?” But that’s about it.

Confused about the difference between companion animals and service animals under the ADA? Read more in our Service Animal handbook.

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