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Help with Vocational Rehabilitation & Independent Living Programs

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Our Services

Disability Rights Oregon’s Client Assistance Program (CAP) aims to expand job opportunities and independent living for people with disabilities. We offer advice, tools that you can use to protect and assert your rights, and advocacy related to services in Oregon:

  • Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (OVRS)
  • Independent Living (IL) centers
  • Commission for the Blind vocational services
  • Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation programs

We can help you if:

  • You need help getting services
  • You have been denied services
  • You disagree with your counselor’s decision

You Have These Rights

  • Determination of your eligibility for services within 60 days
  • Explanation of the process and how decisions are made
  • Participate in assessments and in the development of your Individualized Plan for Employment within 90 days
  • Ask for a VR counselor to join your IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meeting
  • A written copy of your Individualized Plan for Employment and all decisions
  • Appeal a Notice of Action if you don’t agree; you can have a due process hearing within 60 days and continuation of services while you appeal
  • Register to vote or update your voter registration at VR, IL, and OCB offices


Communicate with your counselor:

  • Discuss your concerns, interests, and goals
  • Keep your counselor informed of changes, like moving
  • Ask questions
  • Tell your counselor if you don’t agree with a decision

Keep records of what is said and all paperwork.


Disability Rights Oregon
Request help:
Phone: 800-452-1694

Northwest ADA Center
Phone: 800-949-4232

Job Accommodation Network (JAN)
Phone: 800-526-7234
TTY: 877-781-9403

Vocational Rehabilitation and Independent Living Services

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Phone: 877-277-0513

Tribal VR Programs:
Confederated Tribes of: Warm Springs,  Grand Ronde, Siletz, Umatilla and the Klamath Tribe

Oregon Commission for the Blind
Phone: 1-888-202-5463
TTY: 971-673-1577

Oregon’s Independent Living (IL) Centers

For More Information

Disability Rights Oregon
511 SW 10th, Suite 200
Portland, OR  97205

Phone: 503-243-2081 / 1-800-452-1694
Fax: 503-243-1738

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