DRO assists in wrongful death lawsuit and investigation after person dies at Oregon State Hospital

He was a patient at the Oregon State Hospital. His family had concerns about his treatment for years. He died after his health had deteriorated considerably, and his body was not found for at least 5  hours. An internal review found that the hospital did not provide him adequate medical care. DRO advocated for a more thorough investigation into his death and assisted Kell, Alterman and Runstein, LLP in filing a lawsuit on behalf of Mr. Perez’ family. The lawsuit was settled in 2013.


Report of Investigation into the Death of Oregon State Hospital Patient


Oregon State Hospital Statement following OIT Report

Oregon Health Authority statement following OIT Report


Media coverage:

The family filed a wrongful death lawsuit in January 2011. The complaint detailed years-long attempts by [his] mother to alert doctors and others about his deteriorating condition. … Hospital staff have made improvements since [his] death, said Rebeka Gipson-King, a spokeswoman for the Oregon State Hospital. Officials have increased medical staff, improved training and policies for patients who refuse critical medical care, implemented a policy for nurses to check on the patients at least hourly, and established guidelines for routine monitoring and treatment for certain patients.

State officials agree to pay $1.4 million to family of deceased Oregon State Hospital patient (The Oregonian, 9/11/13)

Family of dead Oregon State Hospital patient file lawsuit in federal court (The Oregonian, 2/15/11)


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